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Congregational Dinner & Prayer

By Brandon Barrett in Grace Presbyterian Church almost 3 years ago | 191 views
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  We’ll be meeting this Sunday night for our quartelry dinner & prayer.  Jeff and Lisa King will be sharing about the missionary work in Mexico that they will soon be joining.  We’ll spend our prayer time together praying for them, their family, and their ministry. 

  Dinner is a pot-luck.  Please respond to this invitation and tell us what you’ll bring: a main dish, side dish, or a dessert.  Or two out of the three!

  We’ll be meeting at the Northeast Plantation, a reception center about a mile or so from the Lake House.

  Join us for this important time together as a church!


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Discussion about this event

Salena Mulliken on 05/16/2012


Can you post the address for the Northeast Plantation?



Mary Beth Hultstrand on 05/16/2012

We’ll bring a spiral ham.

Brandon Barrett on 05/17/2012

  We’ll bring pasta salad.

Mary Hoover on 05/17/2012

we’ll bring a side dish and dessert.

Kennerly Jordan on 05/17/2012

I think it will be just me and the kids, and I will do my best to be there with a dessert!  :)

Jeannie Mccormick on 05/17/2012

We’ll bring a main dish.

Eve Huffman on 05/17/2012

We’ll bring dessert and a main dish.

Erin Gottschall on 05/17/2012

We’ll bring a main dish and a side.

Jan Burk on 05/18/2012

We will bring a salad/side and a dessert.

Martha Rich on 05/18/2012

We will bring meatless lazagna and fruit.

Joshua Elliott on 05/18/2012

We will bring a side dish – a starch.

Ryan Smith on 05/19/2012

We’ll bring a side dish and dessert.

May 20
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
812 Bookman Road
Elgin SC 29045
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53 people
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Jason Mirosavich (4)

Ryan Smith (2)

Lelia Jones (4)

Joshua Elliott (4)

Jan Burk (2)

Erin Gottschall (2)

Jeannie Mccormick (5)

Kennerly Jordan (3)

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